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Hip- hop is an umbrella term for variety of street dance forms. This dancing style is very rhythmic; one must be able to improvise the steps and moves to music. There is a lot of hip, waist and pelvic rolling. Hip-hop dancers practice a lot in order to master there basic steps and movements. It is very crucial for a dancer to have a good sense of rhythm and beats. Hip-hop dance style perhaps begun in the streets of New York city. During early seventies bunch of people without any professional dance training brought dancing to the streets. Hip Hop Moves were inspired by complex rhythms and style of African dancing. This music and movement came together to form a new art.

Hip Hop got widespread exposure when this dance style was showcased on a television show “Sole Train” and 1980s films “Breakin” , Beat Street” and “Wild Style” followed by “Planet B-Boy”, “Street Dance 3D” , “Step Up” Series and so forth. Over the period this left a strong presence in the society. There was a young boy “Clive Campbell” –the Hercules threw a back to school party on August 11, 1973 where he exhibited his skills on the turntables. This reason being it is regarded as the Hip Hop genre. Initially this aforementioned dance style was evolved without a name. Hip Hop name was put into existence by Keith Wiggins. With the passage of time many forms have been affiliated with Hip Hop dance, some of them are:-

Click here for Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi, Delhi.


  1. B-Boying or Breaking

This is the first pillar of Hip Hop dance. This is probably the most renowned style of Hip Hop dancing. Traditionally folks used to perform their steps in a circle of competing improvisational amidst each other.  B Boying or breaking has enticed a lot of audience. This is however remains to be one of the most popular dance styles associated with Hip Hop.

  1. Krumping

It is acquiring limelight recently as it encourages energy and freedom. Krumping is very expressive and violent at times and it involved four basic moves – jabs, arm swings, chest pops and stomps.

  1. Crip-Walking

Abovementioned style came into limelight by an infamous rivalry between the Bloods and the Crisps gangs. At present this is a part of every hiphop dancer’s skill. Hip Hop singers like Snoop Dogg and Xzibit have this dancing style in their music videos.

  1. Locking

With the flow of the beat lockers display sudden freezes or pauses. Back in 1970s Campbellock Campbell and his crew originated this style of dancing. Scoo B Doo , Muscleman, Floor Sweep are some its popular dance moves.

  1. Popping

In this style, the body is twitched or jerked in a way that goes with the beat. Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is the  most popular example of popping.

  1. Robot

Here, dancers do stiff arm and head movements that often contrast with smooth flow of music. Basically the idea is to present oneself like a Robot.

  1. Turfing

This is an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor. Turfing hiphop dance style is hailed from Oakland, California. This is often used to narrate and a particular life story. Turf dancers improvise their dance moves that come from several traditions and cultures to perform an aforementioned task.

  1. Floating

As the name suggests, the dancer gives an impression that he/she is dancing in the air with the help of their floating movements. A dancer can gives this illusion with merely three basic steps- floating, gliding and sliding.


Hip-hop has become popular in the past decades. Hip-hop has caught the attention of modern public because of irresistible beats and attention-grabbing steps. In a short period of time hip-hop dancing style has carved significantly great dancers which have Beyonce and a unique culture for itself. Hip Hop dance style has its own creative choreography and style.

Click here for Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi, Delhi.

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Arya Joshi
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