January 13, 2021

Terms and Conditions for Classes at PAIPA

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Rules & Regulation – Terms & Conditions 

1. No trial classes, you can take the classes only after paying your monthly fee. No fee no class, No bargain please.

2. Fee is not refundable, adjustable or transferrable.   

3. If you are paying a monthly fee then your due date would be just after one month the date you start from, and would not change, whether you complete your classes in the same month or not.   

4. If you are taking an individual class and if you don’t come on the booked time, the fee will not be refundable or adjustable.  

5. If a student is expelled or leaves before the end of the month the remaining fee is forfeited. The Centre will not refund remaining fees in such circumstances. 

6. You have to pay the admission fee again If you discontinue your classes and rejoin it. 

7. Please pay the fee before or on the due date, otherwise you will not be permitted to take the classes or else a penalty of Rs. 100 will be charged for maximum 3 days delay. After that student won’t be allowed to take classes.  

8. Discount & even free classes are available to the financially weaker person. (If you are a house made, driver, laborer etc.) 

9. Students can attend their missed / adjustment classes in some other days if the group classes are available on those days. No Classes would be carried forward to the next month.  

10. The students should inform the management in advance before taking a leave or break from the classes.  

11. In case of lockdown the fee is not refundable but will be adjusted once the lockdown is over, your month will start from the day the lockdown is over, in case of no show your classes will be counted and will not be Carrie forward.

12. All the students are expected to be in a proper descent attire or not be permitted to even get in to the premises.  

13. Parents are not allowed in the classes room if the kids are comfortable. 

14. Be on time or else you might not be allowed to take your class in case.  

15. Any kind of illegal or indecent activities like smoking, consuming liquor, slang language, abusing words, misbehavior is strictly not allowed. You are expected to maintain a discipline code of conduct all the time in the Institute.  

16. Students are expected maintain the hygiene.   

17. Students are suggested not to exchange their personal information like phone no. Address or email ID etc.  with any of other students or staff.  

18. Don’t ask or discuss your queries to an unauthorized person, come to office and tell us, we will try to give you the best solution.  

19. PAIPA will be closed on gazetted holidays, we may increase the no. of holidays on some special occasion / festivals.  

20. If any damage is made to the properties of the center by any student / visitor etc. compensation will be charged. 

21. We have the right to expel students who breach rules. Inspire Institute decision in such cases will be final and students will have no legal remedy against expulsion in such cases. 

22. PAIPA is not responsible for your personal belongings. Students are responsible for their own wellbeing. 

23. The courts of Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this agreement. (All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.) 

I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to follow all the rules and regulations.