Belly dance classes in south delhi




1. (Prior Admission is required - New comers have to take prior appointment)SATURDAY / SUNDAY10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- (Onetime)

Monthly Fee: – Rs. 1500/- (Classes once a week) (Q – 4K / HY – 7K / Yearly – 13k)

Monthly Fee: – Rs. 2500/- (Classes twice a week) (Q – 6.5K / HY – 11.5K / Yearly – 21k)

One Class Fee: Rs. 500/- (One Class in Group)

One Class Fee: Rs. 1000 TO 1500 (One Class Individual / Private Dance Lessons at PAIPA)

One Class Fee: Rs. 1500 TO 2000 (One Class Individual / Private Dance Lessons at your place)

Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the mid-East. Probably the greatest misconception about belly dancing is that it is intended to entertain men.

Throughout history, this ritualized expression has usually been performed for other women, generally during fertility rites or parties preparing a young woman for marriage. In most cases, the presence of men is not permitted.

Belly dancing is natural to a woman’s bone and muscle structure with movements emanating from the torso rather than in the legs and feet. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form. Belly dancing is generally performed barefoot, thought by many to emphasize the intimate physical connection between the dancer, her expression, and Mother Earth.

Belly dancing costumes are often colorful, flowing garments, accented with flowing scarves and veils. Finger cymbals (made of brass and known as zills) are common, dating back to 200 B. C. as well as exotic jewelry, including intricate belts made of coins that, in earlier days, comprised the family’s wealth so that it might be portable in the event the woman needed to move quickly or flee. Other interesting accessories used during the dance are swords, snakes, large vessels, and even huge candelabras, complete with flaming candles.

In America, belly dancing enjoyed its first significant renown when the famous dancer Little Egypt performed at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Americans found themselves fascinated by the exotic body rhythms and music, eventually including them in many silent films made just a few years later. Costumes and dancing styles were given a distinctive Hollywood flare and, in turn influenced dancers in the Middle East, thus evolving the art form to a new level. For example, belly dancing with flowing veils hadn’t been documented before the 1900s but is now quite popular throughout the world.

Since the turn of the century, belly dancing has grown enormously in popularity across the U. S. and worldwide. Belly dance festivals, workshops, and seminars take place constantly, attracting large audiences of interested, involved men and women. Many dancers now study the art form intensively, traveling to the mid-East and elsewhere to experience it where it originated.

7 thoughts on “Belly dance classes in south delhi

  • Hello,

    Do you have belly dance classes for beginners also at your Lajpat Nagar centre ?

    If yes, please provide me with all the details.


    • Hello Vandana,

      Belly Dance Classes for beginners at Lajpat Nagar branch are on: Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM
      Fee Structure : 2100/- (Monthly) + 300/- (Registration fee, one time only)
      For more info please call Ms. Preeti on 9811559306

  • Hello
    I am interested in taking belly and salsa classes. Can you please inform me about the details and the time schedule available. I just have weekends free and that too partially.

    • Hello Swarnika,

      Belly Dance Classes @ Lajpat Nagar Studio are on Tuesday-Thursday @ 4:00PM.
      Salsa Dance Classes @ Lajpat Nagar Studio are on Saturday-Sunday @ 4:00PM.

      For more information, contact us on 9811559306/9811390306.

      Preeti Sharma

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